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        Hang Shi electric on the changes of China\'s connector Market in 2018
        2018-10-22 12:16:00 copyfrom:本站 Views:972

        The connectors manufactured in China are mainly low-end connectors, high-end connectors occupy a relatively low proportion, but the demand growth is faster. At present, the development of connectors in China is in the transitional period from production to creation. There is a huge demand for high-end connectors, especially for automobiles, telecommunications and data communications, computers and peripheral equipment, industry, military aviation and other fields, which makes the high-end connector market grow rapidly.
        Among the top 100 electronic components companies in China, connector companies ranked 6 in 2009 to 16 in 2017, and the total connector revenue in the top 100 also increased rapidly from 3.8 billion yuan in 2008 to 63 billion yuan in 2017. The compound growth rate of connector companies in 2008-2017 was 30.54%, which was much higher than the 12.51% compound growth rate of the whole electronic components industry.
        With the transfer of production bases to China by famous connector enterprises such as TE and Molex, the level of connector manufacturing in China has been improved rapidly. In addition, the demand and investment for high-end connectors in the fields of aerospace, aviation, electronics, warship and other military industries in China have been increasing. Connector technology in the downstream application field has approached or even reached the top level in the world. High-end connector enterprises represented by Lixun Precision, China Aviation Optoelectronics, Delun Electronics and Connecting Technology are rapidly growing up in China, speeding up the process of domestic substitution of high-end connectors.

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