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        Usage of cable waterproof joints
        2018-10-22 12:15:00 copyfrom:本站 Views:923

        Insulating sleeve and double-wall glue-coated heat-shrinkable sleeve should be used, which can not only make the joint better waterproof, but also greatly increase the service life.
        Secondly, it is recommended to use a sleeve to strengthen protection and insulation, so that the joint can withstand greater pressure.
        Finally, the use of waterproof joints to ensure the safety of insulation, because self-adhesive tape and heat shrinkable waterproof tape are high-voltage products. Cable waterproof connectors are connected devices that are often used in power systems, such as power plants, base stations in communication networks, and automated factories.
        With the application of science and technology, it is now widely used in all aspects of society, but also as a necessary waterproof connector in our daily life, because of its unique role and excellent performance characteristics, so now more consumers and manufacturers are favored, and then we will introduce the application of the Some points for attention.

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