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        Zhejiang hang Shi Electric Co., Ltd. upgraded its official website!
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        Zhejiang Hangshi Electrical Co., Ltd. is located in Yueqing City Central Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province, and the most beautiful national Fengzhi Yandangshan Scenic Spot adjacent to the "China Electrical Capital" Liushi eight kilometers, Wenzhou Airport 40 kilometers, Wenzhou Qili Port three kilometers, water, land and air transport facilities.
        The company specializes in R&amp;D, production and sales: nylon cable waterproof connector, stainless steel cable waterproof connector, copper nickel-plated cable waterproof connector, corrugated pipe connector, corrugated pipe fixing bracket, plastic-wrapped hose and hose connector, a variety of plugs, diameter-changing ring, filler box, waterproof junction box, etc. Products are widely used in new energy, automation, electronics, electrical machinery, lighting appliances, automobiles, ships, rail transit and other fields. The company's advanced production equipment, testing equipment, strong technical force. Products have passed ROHS certification, CE certification, IP68 dust-proof waterproof testing. The reliability and stability of the products have won the high recognition of customers, excellent sales and good reputation in the industry, sales throughout the world. The company is committed to "sharing, synergy, development and creation". Take the market as the core and take technological development as the foundation. "Honesty, mutual benefit and win-win".
        Welcome domestic and foreign businessmen to guide and negotiate business. Jointly develop a wider international market.

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