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Welcome to RetroMaze

RetroMaze is a multiplayer shoot-em-up for Android devices. The object of this multiplayer game is to outsmart other players on the maze by hitting them with your bullets and explosions more often than they hit you. Pitch yourself against the ai in single player mode, then take on your friends in multiplayer mayhem.

When RetroMaze first starts it will shout on the network 'I want to join a game'. If another RetroMaze game is within earshot, then it will respond with 'come join my game'. Local multiplayer games offer a level of player interaction that is not possible over a distant Internet connection. Fast reflexes and the physical presence of other players add a new level of excitement. Up to 8 players can spontaneously join a match.

In true retro style maze objects such as players, teleports, power-ups and bullets are all rendered in glorious text. Power-ups give added abilities including invisibility, temporary immunity to explosions and bullets, and ‘walk-thru’ maze walls. The ‘disguise as wall’ power-up offers stealth tactics. The player can blend into the maze background and take any unsuspecting opponent by surprise.

RetroMaze also offers random elements of surprise. The ‘big bomb’ can change the tactical situation in an instant. To survive the bomb, players must occupy a teleport. When there are less teleports than players or more than one player heads for the same teleport, the game becomes a musical chairs scramble for survival.

The Trial version of RetroMaze offers one hour of unrestricted gaming. The full version offers unlimited play and over 30 different mazes, each with a unique strategy and game play


The scoring system works on two levels, a direct hit count for the current game, and a player rating based on the number hits given or taken over the last hour of game play.  Your player rating persists from one game to the next and is shown to your opponents when they join a game.  A high rating indicates you are efficient at taking out other players.  A low or negative rating means you are taking more hits than any one else.  Your player rating is a direct indication of your skill at RetroMaze.

How to Play

RetroMaze will automatically find other players over a local WiFi or Bluetooth network.  For Bluetooth, you must be paired with the other players device.  Once paired, a Bluetooth connection will happen automatically when both devices are within range. 

There are several ways to move about the maze. Touch and hold will automatically send your character to the desired location in the maze using the shortest available route. If a route is not found, then your character will not move. 

You can move using the arrow keys in the bottom right hand corner or you can swipe the maze to move in a given direction. Swipe and hold to continue moving. Tap the screen to fire a bullet in the last movement direction. You can also fire by tapping the score in the bottom left hand corner. The bullet direction will be the same as the last movement direction or the last arrow key pressed. The highlighted arrow key shows the current bullet direction.


Bullets are acquired automatically over time.  A certain number of bullets are required to fire the different weapon types.  The number of shots available is displayed on the corresponding weapon button.  You have the following weapons:

[b] is a normal bullet.  Normal bullets are stopped by just about everything.

[s] is a super bullet.  Super bullets cannot be stopped by normal bullets.  They can also blast holes in walls.

[x] is an exploding bullet.  Exploding bullets explode on contact.  The explosion ring is deadly and can take out more than one opponent.

[d] is a deflector bullet.  Deflector bullets can turn round corners and follow the maze path.  Deflector bullets can be stopped by normal bullets.

All bullet types are displayed as an [*] in the maze.

Power Ups

Power ups will randomly appear in the maze and have the following attributes:

[$] Bullet cache.  Get a large number of bullets.

[.] Become invisible.  Makes the player invisible to all other players.

[~] Disguise as wall.  Makes a player look like a wall.

[-] Walk thru walls.

[!] Explosion protection.

[/] Bullets pass thru you.

[\] Bullets bounce off you.

[=] Teleport.  This power up is acquired over time and allows you to use a teleport.

Maze Objects

[^] Mine.  You can only see your own mines.

[█] Normal walls.  Can be placed with the drop wall button and destroyed by super bullets.

[@] Impenetrable wall, cannot be destroyed.

[:] Pass thru wall.  Allows bullets to pass thru.

[|] Rubber wall.  All bullets bounce off this wall.

[>] Deflect bullets clockwise

[<] Deflect bullets anti-clockwise.

["] Wall bomb.  Explodes into a line of walls when hit by a bullet.

[5,4,3,..0] Countdown explosion. Small but deadly explosion ring.

[9,8,7,..0] Big bomb!  Explosion ring covers entire maze.  Teleports become [%] and are a safe haven from the explosion.

[&] Bullet splitter.  Splits players bullets into three ways.  Points acquired by the split bullets is awarded directly to the player.

[0..9] Scoring bullet splitter - splits bullets into three ways.  Any points acquired by the split bullets is awarded to the bullet splitter.  The final score is awarded to whoever de-activates the splitter.  A bullet splitter is de-activated when it has been hit several times.

[?] The joker.  Anything can happen when collected or shot.

Display Zoom

The maze area can be zoomed by pinching the display or by sliding your finger up and down on the right hand side of the screen.

Game Options

Pressing the menu key on your device or tapping the notification area at the bottom of the display will show the full list of scores and ratings.  From here you can also view this help file and adjust several game parameters via the Settings button.

Happy Android mazing...

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